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Luxury mattress covers

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Elite mattress covers


In a dream a person spends a third of his life, which is why it is very important to make this time as comfortable as possible.  After all, the quality of sleep directly affects the quality of life in general, and the morning feeling sets the tone for the whole day.  That is why we choose the bed and the perfect mattress with all seriousness and scrupulousness, forgetting at times how important it is to prolong the life of your favorite things.  Cleaning the mattress from natural materials is a very costly and long-lasting exercise, so that you can resort to it as rarely as possible, we offer a wide selection of quality mattress covers.  

A mattress pad  - is a protective cover for a mattress with fasteners at the corners or an elastic band around the perimeter that is located between the mattress and the sheet, thereby protecting the mattress against mechanical damage and contamination.  


Why is it important to buy an elite mattress pad?  


All assortment of elite textiles is made exclusively from selected materials, but only high-quality mattress can guarantee you complete comfort.  After all, this seemingly unimportant thing has a lot of positive qualities:

protection of the mattress from dirt and dust;

the ability to adjust the softness of the mattress;

creating additional airflow to the body;

adjusting the temperature during sleep - in summer, the body is cooled by an additional air flow; in winter, this air  The cushion accumulates additional heat.  It goes without saying that you can achieve these positive qualities if you choose a quality expensive mattress pad.  


After all, cheap synthetic materials can only worsen your sleep.  We offer a wide range of mattress covers for the best European manufacturers from selected natural and synthetic materials.  


Selected materials


Cotton mattress covers

The most versatile choice because of its all-weather.  They have pleasant but not excessive softness, so if you chose a rigid orthopedic mattress, they will not reduce its therapeutic effect.  Perfectly absorb and evaporate moisture, conduct air, create the optimal temperature for sleep.  The outer cotton cover has a matte surface, which contributes to an ideal fit of the sheet.  


Mattress covers from tensile

The trend of this season.  Innovative fabric, created from 100% recycled wood pulp, has a delicate texture, and on performance properties is similar to bamboo and silk.  Has a proven antibacterial effect, is absolutely safe for health, positively affects the condition of the skin and hair.  


Wool mattress covers

Ideal for winter.  Wool as a filler is not equal in quantity and quality of heat.  Natural wool fibers absorb moisture, while the heat that they accumulate is dry, which has a beneficial effect on the joints.  That is why people with chronic pain in the back, knees, cervical spine are particularly shown to use sleeping accessories made of natural wool.  


Silk mattress pad

Exclusive products made of natural silk fiber.  They are best suited for the summer due to their ability to quickly absorb excess heat and ideally adapt to body temperature.  Light and gentle, they will give amazing new sensations from the rest.  


Bamboo mattress cover

Like other bamboo products, it guarantees comfort and hygiene, thanks to its antibacterial properties.  Has a light weight, medium softness, silky outer cover.  


Hypoallergenic mattress covers with synthetic fillers

Suitable for people prone to allergies.  Fillers that are used in elite anti-allergen textiles are repeatedly tested for the degree of comfort, which is why you can be sure that even if you choose a synthetic filler, you will not lose any comfort iota during sleep.  


Methods of fixing


Elastic bands on the corners.  

This method is distinguished by the ease of dressing and removing the mattress pad for washing, then with a particularly sleepy dream, it can get lost in uncomfortable folds.  


Elastic band around the perimeter.

Such a method will tighten the mattress pad as tightly as possible, ensure its ideal smoothness during sleep, however, dressing it or removing it can be problematic.  


Where to buy an elite mattress pad?  


Internet shop Homi offers a full range of elite quality bedroom suits, which we deliver all over Ukraine directly from the manufacturer.  Due to direct work on the principle of "factory-client" we can offer the most comfortable prices for products of this level.  

Wherever you are in Kiev, Kharkov, Zaporozhye, Lviv, Dnipro, Ternopil, Zhytomyr or any other corner of Ukraine, the world of exclusive home textiles is just one click away!