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Down pillow Hefel Luxury (Soft) 3-chamber soft

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SKU: h6009011
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Brand Hefel
Made in Austria
Size of pillow 50х70см
Cloth cloth Batist
Cover Composition Cotton 100%
Warehouse 1 chamber - 90% down / 10% small feather, 2 chamber - 100% small feather, 3 chamber 90% down / 10% small feather
Weight of pillow 450 грамм
Cushion Density Soft
Feature Natural
Print Monochrome
Color White
Packaging Branded
SKU h6009011

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Down pillow Hefel Luxury (Soft) 3-chamber

 HEFEL Luxury 3-chamber pillow divides the pillow into three chambers.  The inner chamber is filled with 100% goose feathers to give the pillow hardness.  Two external chambers are filled with 90% goose down and 10% with a small feather.  Goose down in external cameras provides soft luxurious comfort.

 Hefel does not process goose down of live plucking, which is reliably proven.  To meet this quality requirement, all suppliers are rigorously tested.  At the same time, the welfare of geese in the natural environment is in the foreground.  This ensures clear and detailed documentation from the entire supply chain.  All Hefel down pillows are NOMITE certified and suitable for allergy sufferers sensitive to house dust.  The pillow is very elastic and durable, with proper care, the life of the pillow is more than 20 years.

 Hardness Class: SOFT (Soft)

 Version: Standard, without zipper, with silver edging


 Features Elite Hefel Luxury Pillows

 -You get a pillow of the highest quality category;

 -All HEFEL products are 100% made in Austria;

 -First-class pillow production technology that meets all international quality standards;

 -Use of natural materials that are made from the best, selected raw materials and undergo extremely strict quality control by HEFEL campaign specialists;

 -HEFEL Textil Campaign is the only manufacturer with 100 years of production history, exclusively in its own factories;

 -Exclusive products, which have no equal in their technologies;


 Since, the products are made individually for each customer.  To make a preliminary order, a prepayment of at least 50% of the cost of the goods indicated on the site is required.  The remaining amount is payable upon receipt.  We are fully responsible for the quality of your order.

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