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Elite Blankets


According to studies in the best sleep laboratories, a blanket is a key subject that directly affects the quality and depth of sleep.  That's why, when you are going to buy a good blanket, you should not do it in a hurry, but approach this issue with all seriousness.  

When choosing this important sleeping accessory it is important to take into account a lot of nuances:

- filler

- material of the outer cover

- seasonality

- weight of the blanket.  

We propose to cut off all economy considerations and pay attention to elite blankets for the production of which only the best materials are used, and the development of each particular model passes a multi-stage testing so that you can enjoy the most peaceful and sound sleep.  


What is different about elite blankets


As mentioned above, only elite materials are used to produce elite series of sleeping accessories.  But in addition, it is worth noting also a small number of products of this price segment, which indicates an exceptional attention to each product at all stages of production.  For stitching and filling of blankets high-tech equipment is used, which practically excludes the presence of marriages, but the control function and minor modifications are carried out manually, which guarantees the highest quality of the finished product.  

It should also be noted that the best European manufacturers never stand still, but constantly improve their products, and it is the elite series of blankets that first try on innovation, whether it is anatomically correct stitch or the newest filler.  


The best fillers for blankets, collected around the world


Choosing a blanket, the first question - which filler is better?  Choose a natural blanket or synthetic?  On this issue it is worth dwelling in more detail.  

Natural fillers for elite blankets undergo strict quality control and primary processing.  The factories receive the prepared raw materials, which passes several stages of cleaning, which completely excludes the possibility of any foreign odors in the finished blanket.  The most common natural fillers are:


A classic filler that has passed the test of time and more than one generation.  For exclusive models, select goose down is used, which is collected from birds after winter at large farm enterprises.  It is very soft and warm.  In elite duvets, the content of a small goose quill is minimal and is at the level of 10-15%.  This allows you to give the blanket shape and elasticity, while not affecting the softness.  Surprisingly warm, weightless and soft, they give coziness and are able to warm even in the worst frost.  


This is one of the most diverse natural fillers, wool is used for production of a variety of animals: sheep, camel, merino, cashmere goat, and even yaks.  Combinations of different wools are performed to achieve varying degrees of warmth or seasonality.  


This material is quite new, but it has already earned first place among the most popular.  It's all about its natural properties.  Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth, which allows it to grow without the use of any chemical fertilizers, and this guarantees its ecological purity and absolute safety for health.  Soft and silky bamboo fibers perfectly absorb moisture, let in air and create the most comfortable conditions for sleeping.  


The most exotic filler for our latitudes, and very vain.  Silk fiber perfectly adapts to body temperature, and creates the most comfortable conditions for sleeping at any time of the year.  Due to the triangular cross section of the fiber and its smoothness, dust, mites or fungus does not stay on it, which makes silk blankets the only option of a natural blanket suitable for people with a tendency to allergies.  


Modern material that only earns the trust and love of customers. Produced from organically processed wood pulp, has a low weight, high hygroscopicity and a pronounced antibacterial effect.  


Synthetic fillers are rightly considered to be the safest for people with a tendency to allergies, as they are resistant to the accumulation of dust, as well as to the appearance of fungi or the appearance of dust mites.  Separate advantage - simplicity in leaving and durability.  


Selective fabrics of top covers


Durability and comfort of use of a blanket directly depends on quality of a fabric from which the external cover is made.  For elite series of blankets only natural fabrics of the highest quality are used, which ensure free ventilation of the filler.  

For expensive and high-quality blankets, silky satin is used, a soft and gentle baptiste, natural silk or a healthful tensile.  The increased density of the cloth cover of the blanket prevents the infiltration of the filler outwards, as well as the ingress of a large amount of dust.  

The way to quilt a blanket is also not unimportant.  The correct stitch ensures a uniform distribution of the filler and resists its stalling.  The classic option is stitch squares, but more modern models are made with anatomically comfortable stitch BodyFit, which gently envelops the body in its natural bends.  


Comfort in winter and summer


A comfortable temperature is very important for a sound sleep, that's why it's important to choose the right blanket for each season of the year.  Summer blankets, as rules, are thinner, made of breathable and hygroscopic materials - silk, bamboo, tensely.  The warmest blanket is made of natural fluff or wool.  Premium blankets have a special marking, which makes it easy to determine the seasonality, and choose a model exclusively for their own needs.  For residents of the middle latitudes, the real salvation is all-weather blankets, which adapt to body temperature, creating the most comfortable microclimate during sleep.  


A light or heavy blanket?  


Did you know that weight directly affects the speed of falling asleep?  The heavier the blanket, the faster the person falls asleep under it.  It's all about uniform light pressure that returns a person to a state similar to the uterine, the reflex nervous system calms down, the body relaxes and a deep and restful sleep comes.  

However, it should be taken into account that the higher the quality of the blanket, the lower its weight, since there are absolutely no foreign impurities in the filler, which can increase it.  

Therefore, if you do not experience problems with falling asleep, and want to fall asleep under a weightless cloud of warm and tender blankets, then you should indulge yourself and buy an exclusive German or Austrian blanket.  


Where to buy the best blanket?  


The online store Homi offers only the best of the world of exclusive home textiles.  Weightless, soft, warm, comfortable duvets chosen exclusively according to your desires will lift the pleasure from sweet and deep sleep to a new level.  

We work directly with factories, therefore we offer the most complete assortment, as well as a unique opportunity to order an elite blanket according to individual sizes and any shape, whether it's a square, a circle or even a heart.