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Rugs in the bathroom

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Elite bathroom rugs


The bathroom, perhaps, is one of the most visited places in the house, and, for sure, many have the most favorite.  This room, intended for hygienic procedures, can for a few pleasant moments become a fortress that protects from the outside world and with the streams of warm water and soapy foam the hardships of a spent day go away.  That's why every detail in the bathroom is designed to give comfort and pleasant sensations.  


Bath mat is one of the key accessories, which besides aesthetics carries a few very important practical functions:

Heat.  After bath procedures it is important not to lose precious heat, and it is pleasant to dip your feet on a pleasant soft mat that gently envelops them with tenderness.

High hygroscopicity.  A quality mat in the bathroom instantly absorbs excess moisture, leaving the legs and floor dry.  

Security.  Everyone knows how much more slippery is the tile after getting wet, it's the rug that can save you from unexpected, but very unpleasant slip.  Choosing a bath mat is important not to save, but to purchase only quality products.  We offer you not just quality mats, we offer you products of exceptionally premium quality at pleasant prices.  


What is the difference between luxury bathroom mats?  


As for all elite home textiles, manufacturers use only selected materials for this type of products, and the highest attention to detail and control at all stages of production guarantees the highest quality of the finished product.  


The best natural materials


Exclusive bath mats are mostly made of quality natural materials:


Egyptian cotton

It is distinguished by a long fiber length, from which it is possible to create especially high and elastic terry loops.  Products from it are very soft, pleasant to the touch, instantly absorb moisture and quickly evaporate it.  


Silky and soft fibers with a proven antibacterial effect.  By the degree of hygroscopicity, bamboo is an absolute record holder, since only this material can absorb up to 30% of its own weight, while remaining dry.  


Organic material with an interesting, slightly rough texture.  Also has antibacterial properties.  Linen products enjoy constant popularity among lovers of a healthy lifestyle and connoisseurs of environmentally friendly natural materials.  It should be noted that in order to preserve all the useful properties of flax and emphasize its organic origin, rugs or towels from it are painted only with natural dyes, which is why their color is slightly muffled and approximates to natural shades.  


Safe synthetic fibers


Some brands also offer microfiber or acrylic products.  They also have a number of positive qualities:

Relatively low price.  


Bright and colorful color palette

Easy to care


How to choose the best rug in the bathroom


First of all, it is necessary to determine the size and shape that will suit you.  

Rectangular bath mats - a universal choice, suitable for most interiors, are presented in a wide variety of models.  You can buy a solid mat in the bathroom, as well as a rug with drawings or relief.  

Round and oval bath mats - look exquisite and original, can emphasize or soften a geometrically rigorous design, become the main accent when choosing all accessories for the bathroom.  

Figured bath mats - the choice of bold and creative people.  Can serve as a starting point in the formation of the very concept of a bathroom design or complete its ideal and unique style.  


Where to buy an elite bathroom mat in Ukraine?  


With the online store Homi you do not need to travel around the world in order to collect unique and exclusive things to decorate your house.  We collected with great love and attention only premium-class products from the best world producers on the pages of our catalog.  

Wherever you are, in Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, Zaporozhye or Lviv, you can not leave the room to buy the best exclusive bath mats or any other elite home textiles.