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Elite Home Textile - Homi

We have a lot of experience in the selection of first-class textile from the best manufacturers of the whole world.  Our team carefully selects high-end brands for luxury homes, yachts and houses.  We work directly with you, as well as with your interior designer, offering the most unique, exclusive products for the highest comfort, we are always flexible and open to cooperation!  The team of professionals of the online store HOMI guarantees an unprecedented service, exceptional knowledge of all the products offered and the highest passion for the selection of your unique order, to assist in creating a composition that will meet all your requirements of exacting tastes and wishes.  We cooperate with hundreds of the most respected and convincing brands of exclusive products such as: Pratesi, Quagliotti, Hefel, Blumarine, Arte Pura, Gingerlily, Curt Bauer, Graccioza, David Home, Cawo and many others.  If you are looking for elegance, luxury or something completely made to order, we will certainly take into account your wishes, design preferences and help you to realize that your ideas have surpassed all expectations that really correspond to your definition of luxury.  We offer you a large assortment of elite home textiles of the latest collections, which is available, as well as under the order directly from the manufacturer's factories.  Each your order is a quivering attitude and care from the moment of its acceptance to the full delivery and operation.  Our campaign cooperates exclusively with the factories of the presented brands, due to this we guarantee the high original quality of all products and bear full responsibility for its delivery.