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Bed linen Signoria Firenze Platinum

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SKU: 711900012
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Brand Signoria Firenze
Size Euro
The size of the duvet cover 200х220см
The size of the sheet 270х290см
Pillowcase size 50х70см (2шт)
Type of fabric Satin
Composition Egyptian Cotton 100%
Print Monochrome
Color Multicolor
Made in Italy
Packaging Branded
SKU 711900012

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Elite Italian bed linen Signoria Firenze Platinum

Platinum - a classic embroidery of three lines. Coloring, in which simple lines and harmonic proportions create an ideal noble balance. All sorts of shades and combinations of embroidery, individually selected according to your wishes, to emphasize the tenderness of modern interior. Classical style, Italian first-class luxury and amazing colors combines bedding Signoria Firenze Platinum. Each set of the set is executed flawlessly, which confirms the high skill and irreproachable knowledge of its manufactured products. The main feature of elite Platinum bed linen is a high density of fabric 300g / m2. This density can boast only a few manufacturers around the world. This is the rarity that you can find exclusively with exclusive brands. Egyptian long-fiber cotton, which is the main composition of the fabric gives a unique softness and tenderness for many years. Bedding made of Egyptian cotton will make your sleep truly comfortable, let you enjoy the tenderness and delicacy of the fabric, the feeling of which, it is impossible to convey until you try. The collection of the Platinum Signoria Firenze collection is multifaceted. According to your exquisite interior design, you can choose the desired shade and create an elegant atmosphere in your bedroom.

Elite Italian brand Signoria Firenze

For many years the Signoria Firenze brand has an irreproachable reputation, the highest quality of the products produced, and an exclusively individual approach to each order. Proud producer Made in Italy 100% meets all of its stated standards. Bedding is created in the Tuscan land with a high trepidation to its cause. Purchasing a set of bed linen, you buy products "with a soul" to each stitch and element. Much attention is paid to the details of the products, laces, double seams, hempings, stitches and much more. It is they who make up the characteristic style of the exquisite Italian brand Signoria Firenze. Every year, at the best world exhibitions in Milan, Paris, London, this manufacturer tempts all discerning buyers who undoubtedly give it a great preference. The elegant bedding produced is made from the finest fabrics, such as mako-satin Egyptian cotton, satin-jacquard with complex two-sided patterns and ornaments. Combine the most unique shades for the luxurious interiors of the modern world. Technological campaigns take into account all modern fashion trends, sizes of any complexity can be made according to your individual requests. Signoria Firenze is a style that will fill your home with tenderness, exquisite elegance, natural materials and impeccable quality. Since 1980, the brand has received international publicity and has expanded rapidly enough and firmly established itself to the international market. The campaign was founded in 1930 as a business with the main specialization of hand embroidery on fabrics, laces according to the original Florentine tradition. Thanks to the strategy of high growth, the able and inspiring manager for today, a successful brand of the highest level is recognized all over the world. One of the most luxurious and large exhibition halls is represented in New York, as well as many registered stores in the largest and most developed cities of the world. Signoria Firenze is a brand that can not be undetected. With the first touch of bed linen, bedspreads, blankets, you understand what invaluable work is invested by the creators of exclusive products.

* The sheet in the set can be either standard or rubber band

* The sheet on the elastic is designed for a height of the mattress up to 28cm.

* You can choose any color from the presented collection

Online store HOMI is proud to present the exclusive Italian brand Signoria Firenze in Ukraine. We will help you with the greatest attention and trembling in the selection of the necessary sizes, the necessary equipment and the desired coloring. We will provide full professional advice considering all your wishes.

Recommendations for care: recommended washing to 50 ° C exclusively with liquid detergent gel for delicate washing; - drying in drying machines is not recommended. To iron with a warm iron.



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