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Elite towels

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Elite towels from the best world manufacturers

The products of any of the premium brands of home textiles are incomplete without gorgeous towels, which take the pleasure of bathing procedures to a whole new level. Soft, fluffy, light as a cloud, they are able to give the sea of ​​pleasure and complete relaxation to the body after a monotonous workday.

What is the difference between luxury towels?

Firstly, this is the material. For premium series of towels, only selected Egyptian cotton, organic flax and environmentally friendly bamboo are used. Each material undergoes scrupulous quality control and several stages of cleaning and processing.

Egyptian cotton is distinguished by a special length of fibers, which it is possible to twist into dense, but thin threads. Of these, it is possible to create high and elastic terry loops giving a special softness and fluffiness to towels. The quality of cotton is also reflected in the quantity that is used to create one square meter of terry cloth. In elite towels, the average density is 450-600 g / m2. The higher the density, the denser the towel and the more moisture it can absorb. It is important that the weight of the towel is not too large, as this reduces the comfort of use. All these best quality indicators can be achieved using only selected cotton.

Organic flax is added to the basic composition of terry towels in order to give them a denser and more rigid texture. Towels with high rigidity have a beneficial effect, as when rubbing they exert slight pressure on the skin, improving blood circulation and preventing lymphatic stasis. And the antibacterial effect of flax and a pleasant aroma, makes the use of such towels more hygienic and useful.

About the benefits of bamboo has already been said a lot. This is the fastest growing natural material in the world, which allows you to grow it without the use of aggressive fertilizers. The texture of bamboo towels is more silky and pleasant to the skin, in addition, the bamboo canvas is the absolute record for the amount of moisture it can absorb, while remaining dry - up to 30% of its own weight. For elite towels, only environmentally friendly bamboo is used, the fiber of which is made with observance of all quality and safety standards.

The second key difference between luxury towels is their exclusive design and limited series. Different manufacturers of textiles adhere to different strategies - Italian brands of towels continue the basic models of bed linen and bedspreads, German and Portuguese brands each year present exclusive sets of towels, which are supplemented with bath mats, bathrobes and accessories for the bathroom. But they are united by the fact that the best designers are attracted to create new collections, which select the most relevant color combinations and decor elements.

The third difference is the highest quality of decorative elements. In a series of luxury towels are often used handmade laces, embroideries and rhinestones. Laces are selected separately or produced in the same enterprise and have a unique pattern for each collection of towels. Embroidery is made on high-tech equipment with silk threads per piece on each unit, then checked manually. As crystals only Swarovski crystals are used, which are laid out manually using non-toxic hypoallergenic glue.

The basis of all collections are sets of monophonic towels, which are universal and easily selected for the interior of any bathroom. To give an original and unique look, you can buy towels with embroideries, patterns, appliqués, sequins or lace.

In our store you will find elite towels from the best world brands - Cawo (Germany), Graccioza (Portugal), Blumarine (Italy), Swad Dondi (Italy), Blugirl (Italy). We offer both basic models of monochrome towels of all sizes - for hands, face, bath or sauna, and the most exclusive models with unique decor.