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Elite bedspreads

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Elite bedspreads


Successful people are mostly tidy, they with maniacal zeal arrange the order in all areas that are concerned.  Of course, the bedroom of a successful person must necessarily have a neat and well-groomed appearance.  That's why the choice of bedspreads for the bed is so important, because it is the center of the bedroom and the basis for all subsequent design and it can immediately give the bedroom a luxurious look.  

It is for people who are successful, those who value quality above all, and, with exceptional taste, create unique models of elite bedspreads.  


Why elite covers so expensive?  


The answer lies in the uniqueness of each model and the limited number of units produced.  Any exclusive is not available in large quantities, but appears in strictly limited quantities, which significantly increases its value.  Therefore, having decided to buy an elite veil, you can be sure that you will not find anything similar to any of your friends.  In addition to the limited production, for exclusive covers, there are several other distinguishing features:

choice fabrics

unique design

top quality

tailored to the finest detail


Luxury fabrics


For the manufacture of premium covers, only the most refined and luxurious fabrics are used, one look at which makes it clear how good the quality is in front of you thing  .  



One of the most ancient fabrics known to man.  However, even with the advent of the centuries, it has not lost its popularity and elitism.  It is this fabric that is most comfortable for the skin of a person, absolutely antiallergenic, and its tender touch is sung in the poems of many poets.  A cover made of natural silk is a thing worthy of kings.  



Natural cotton canvas, which, by tenderness and subtlety, is not inferior to silk.  It is produced by processing cotton threads with a special adhesive solution, which gives the fabric strength and durability.  Very well holds on its surface drawing, which is why on the percale coverlets you can often find drawings similar to watercolor paintings.  



Luxurious fabric, on which the pattern is in the very texture of the canvas, and is an alternation of glossy and matte curls.  It is the Jacquard linen that will look exceptionally in the bright bedrooms, as the sun's rays play amazingly on it.  



A natural fabric that is made of the highest quality cotton.  The dense and smooth fabric is distinguished by a muffled matte shine, silky texture.  Advantage is relatively low price, durability and unpretentiousness in care.  


Artificial and natural fur

Furry and soft fur covers invariably are in demand, thanks to a sense of comfort that they create.  Exclusive fur covers amaze with a luxurious appearance and will definitely suit real lovers of this valuable material.  Artificial fur in elite bedspreads visually does not differ from the natural, so even real champions of animal rights can be pampered with a mink coat, a fur veil coverlet or even a lynx.  


Combination materials

In some models, a small percentage of polyester or viscose is present.  This is done consciously and only increases the density and durability of the bedspread, and also greatly simplifies the care for it.  


Bedspreads from Couture


Production of such an important element of decor begins with the creation of a unique design that, on the one hand, combines all the latest fashion trends, and on the other, preserves the original purpose of the veil - namely, the creation of an atmosphere of coziness.  Therefore, to develop elite collections, professional designers are involved, who invest all their skills and artistic vision in each particular model.  Having bought a finished product, you get the result of the work of the whole team, whose goal was to satisfy the most demanding taste.


Exceptional attention to detail


In elite home textiles, every little thing is perfect, starting from the quality of the fabric and ending with each stitch.  All production processes are automated and occur on high-tech equipment, but the control function has remained for people.  Before packing each product is scrupulously checked for defects or defects, and only the ideal product is folded manually into the original packaging.  


The best decorative elements collected around the world


The exclusivity and uniqueness of expensive covers are covered in small details - the quality of lace, the purity of crystals, the smoothness of embroidery.  Even if the decor is minimal, it will be flawless, whether it's a crystal-lined logo or a miniature embroidery.  Lace decorated with elite coverlets deserves special attention.  These are unique, hand-made products that are manufactured according to individual sketches and are not repeated anywhere else.  

For inlaying, only the purest Swarovski crystals are used, which in brilliance are inferior only to diamonds.  And the design of each embroidery is developed for each particular model taking into account the main material, as well as convenience for use.  


Elegant gift wrapping


It should be noted how carefully each brand is approaching the issue of packaging its exclusive products.  

Glossy box, silk ribbons with a logo, company tags, neatly penciled personal tracing paper - all these little things are designed to please the eye and once again prove that you have a truly high-quality and worthwhile thing.  

Therefore, if you are looking for an expensive gift, then it's better to choose an option than a branded veil.  


Where to buy an elite veil in Ukraine?  


Online shop Homi has collected only the best from the world of elite home textiles.  We offer a wide range of exclusive sleeping accessories that will transform your home and bring the pleasure of sleep to a new level.  

Wherever you are in Kiev, Odessa, Zaporozhye, the Dnieper or any other corner of Ukraine, if you value quality and beauty above all, then we will love you!