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Hefel My Face Pillow

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Size of pillow
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Brand Hefel
Made in Austria
Size of pillow 40х60см
Cloth cloth Twill
Cover Composition 100% Cotton with Aloe Vera
Warehouse 100% HEFEL Comforel ECO fibrous balls
Weight of pillow 310 грамм
Cushion Density Average
Feature Orthopedic
Print Monochrome
Packaging Branded
SKU h4650SK

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Pillow HEFEL My Face

Unique innovative wrinkle pillow. Thanks to a specially designed shape and a silky smooth surface, the HEFEL My Face pillow prevents wrinkles on the face, creases during sleep. A special form allows you to relax the maximum muscles of the face and relieve stress during sleep. As a result, thanks to a sleep on the pillow HEFEL My Face, the facial skin ages longer and looks younger and more refreshed. The pillow can be used in several ways, for example, folded and it will ideally support the neck during reading, and also put it in the back area to relieve pressure on the muscles. The shape of the pillow HEFEL My Face supports breathing through the nose - increasing the necessary amount of oxygen in the body. Thanks to the aloe vera finish of natural cotton fabric and its stabilizing filler, the My Face pillow has a powerful regenerating effect. As a result, you wake up to 100% rested, relaxed and with a great mood.

Recommendations for care: Wash at 60 ° C; - Suitable for drying machines;

Version: zipper closure. Possibility of selection of pillowcases jersey in color white, azure, raspberry, coffee.

Долго искала именно эту подушку, впервые увидела ее в Германии. Очень полезная вещь для здоровья шеи. Качество Хефель на высоте!!
Крутая подушка, решила попробовать по совету тренера фейс-йоги. Сначала необычно конечно, привыкала к ней, сейчас на других не сплю и перестала шея болеть. Супер! Для женщин после 35 однозначно рекомендую.
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