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Elite Plaid

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Elite Plaid


Plaid - this is a must-have in creating an ideal home cosiness.  It warms the rainy autumn evenings, serves as a bedding for summer picnics, replaces the blanket on hot summer nights.  Plaids do not happen much!  Did you receive it as a gift, or, giving in to an impulse, decided to buy the most extravagant model, you will always find use for it.  The beginning of the rug is taken in Scotland, where they served as a kind of cloak to protect themselves from the cold winds.  

The technology of production and coloration for each clan had its own, and the colors also varied depending on the terrain.  The basis of all the drawings were cells and stripes, which is why the plaque coloring is still called Scotch.  After the forced annexation of Scotland into the united kingdom, traditional clothing was banned, the kilts and upper cloaks were removed to houses where they were used as bedspreads on the bed.  Since that time soft, warm and thin capes began to appear in all houses of Europe.  

If you create a unique style of your house and are accustomed to surround yourself with only the best things, then elite rugs - this is exactly what you so lacked.  Warm, cozy, created from the best materials that are only known to a person, they are able to transform the look of your bedroom or living room, wrap it in a soft and gentle touch.  


Exclusive natural materials


Classic plaids are made from natural wool, premium class rugs are made from exclusive exclusive yarn:



Rare and very expensive material, which is a cashmere goat paddy, collected manually after wintering animals.  This goat breed lives only in the highlands, and the unfavorable conditions in which they live, give the wool unique qualities.  Cashmere in the form of finished fabric has unrivaled warmth with absolute fineness and lightness.  At the same time cashmere plaids are very durable, they do not cough, do not thin out, but only become softer every year.  To make cashmere yarn, goats are combed, scrupulously selected only soft podpushek, clean it from hard hairs and sent for cleaning.  All primary collection and cleaning processes are done manually, which guarantees an exceptional quality of the finished yarn.  


Merino Wool

This is a kind of sheep's wool with the finest and longest fibers.  It produces a delicious warm and delicate fabric, which has a mass of unique properties.  Merino is famous all over the world, as it has pronounced therapeutic properties.  Due to the very high content of lanolin on the fibers, it favorably affects the condition of the skin and hair, and the dry heat that is stored under a blanket or a blanket of merino wool heals the joints and reduces puffiness.  Since the 18th century, merino sheep have been grown in Australia and New Zealand, on vast, ecologically clean grounds, making their wool absolutely safe for health, even for people with sensitive skin.  


Llama wool (alpaca)

The properties are very similar to sheep, but it is much lighter than it, as a result of which the plaid of alpaca wool will be almost weightless and very warm.  Thanks to the dense and thin layer of wax with which the fibers are coated, the products made of lama's wool retain their original appearance for a very long time and are practically not dirty.  The porous structure of the fiber causes a very high degree of hygroscopicity, as well as rapid evaporation of the accumulated moisture.  


Egyptian cotton

A material that is famous for its long, dense and light fibers, from which it produces smooth and silky fabrics.  Elite cotton blankets are made with jacquard weaving and warmed with natural wool.  This combination successfully joins the luxury of jacquard with heat, which can only give a real wool.  


Sizes for any taste


A series of exclusive plaids are presented in a wide dimensional grid.You will be able to pick up a size exclusively suited to your needs - from a small cape for feet to the royal size of a Euro-Maxi, which can very well be used as a blanket on a large bed.  


Unique style


The products of the best manufacturers of elite home textiles are developed together with professional designers, which is why it has an original appearance and a recognizable style that attracts attention.  Tastefully selected exclusive plaid can easily become a bright accent in the design of your house, bring it comfort and softness.  Thoughtful to the details of fine quality plaid quality is a thing that should make the rest minutes as comfortable as possible.  

When developing each model, manufacturers are attentive to the optimal combination of beauty and practicality, which is why elite blankets are distinguished by a reserved and thoughtful decor.  Classic and time-tested option - it's fringe, but for connoisseurs of real luxury models with Svarovski crystals and handmade embroideries are produced.  


Luxurious color palette


Exclusive home textiles differ not only in the excellent quality of materials and finishes, but also in the elegant colors of products.  Each brand presents a basic collection of monophonic plaids of classic colors - black, beige, cream, gray, diluted with delicate and noble shades of bright colors.  Depending on your mood or season, you can buy a pink, turquoise, gently blue plaid, or a model of any other color.  

A plain cashmere or wool plaid is the best expensive gift, thanks to its universal design it will always be in place and easily fit into any interior.  If you prefer more vivid things, then for sure you will have to taste original plaids with patterns or flowers that combine the most fashionable color combinations with a faultlessly executed picture.  


Where to buy an elite plaid


You do not need to go around half the world in search of unique and truly high-quality things, all the best from the world of home textiles is just a click away from you.  The online store Homi offers a wide selection of products that comes directly from the best European factories.  

Wherever you are in Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov, the Dnieper or any other corner of Ukraine, you can choose a luxurious plaid or elite bedding without leaving home.