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Quilt blanket with Nexus Hefel Wellness Balance (GD) All season

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SKU: 2345200220
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200х200см 200x210cm 200х220см 220х240см
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Brand Hefel
Made in Austria
Total size Euro
Exact size 200х220см
Warehouse 100% Tensile with Nexus insert
Weight of the blanket 1890 грамм
Degree of warmth of the blanket All-season
Cloth cloth Satin
Cover Composition 100% Cotton with Aloe Vera
Print Monochrome
Color White
Packaging Branded
SKU 2345200220

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Elite duvet blanket with Nexus Hefel Wellness Balance

The HEFEL Wellness Balance product line is an innovation on the bedding market with the use of the new Nexus bio-infrared fiber. The fiber absorbs the heat emitted by the body, turns it into long-wave infrared radiation and gradually returns it back to the body. Infrared waves gently penetrate the skin. In a double-blind study, there was an increased circulation of blood in people lying on the mat Nexus. Nexus fiber has, among other things, also an antibacterial effect, which is proved by scientific research. Bedding HEFEL Wellness Balance gives you the opportunity to more relaxedly dive into sleep and wake up vigorously. The design of the blanket is made using a unique technology. In the top layer of the filler is the Nexus insert, due to this first-class function, a blanket that has no analogues in the world.

The main properties of the Hefel quilt with Nexus Wellness Balance

  • due to the Nexus layer, the circulation of blood in the body increases;
  • favorably affects metabolism;
  • has antibacterial effect, prevents the spread of microorganisms

TENCEL® fiber production and its features

HEFEL is the world leader in the production of TENCEL® bedding. Thanks to many years of experience in the preparation, processing and finishing of TENCEL® natural fibers, HEFEL today can offer its widest range of products from TENCEL® to its discerning customers, who attach great importance to environmental issues. TENCEL® fiber is produced only by the Austrian concern Lenzing AG.

TENCEL ® is a vegetable fiber made from 100% natural wood. Its natural breathability is ideal for producing high-quality bedding. The production of TENCEL® fiber in its time revolutionized. The manufacturing process is based on the method of fiber spinning from solution and is the greatest achievement in cellulose fiber technology. The unique closed production process makes TENCEL® the fiber of the future, as the solvent used here is almost 100% reused. The closed cycle was marked by the European Union "European premium for the environment".

Life cycle analysis confirms the ecological compatibility of TENCEL® fibers compared to cotton, polyester and polypropylene. The researchers evaluated all the environmental impacts caused by the production of these fibers, and concluded that the toxic load on natural water and soil is huge compared to the production of TENCEL® fiber. Another environmental benefit is that wood comes from renewable forest sources, as well as from agricultural enterprises. Land for growing forests is not suitable for agriculture. And cotton requires agricultural land and competes with food crops. In addition, water consumption is 10-20 times higher than in the production of TENCEL®.

TENCEL® is number one in humidity control. Fiber naturally absorbs excess moisture and takes it out. This transfer of moisture is unique in comparison with synthetic fibers, because synthetic fibers do not absorb moisture. TENCEL® also excels cotton and more effectively controls and regulates humidity compared to it. The measurements showed that TENCEL® absorbs 50% more moisture.

TENCEL® fiber has a smooth surface that creates pleasant sensations and helps to remove irritation of sensitive skin. If you look at the surface of cotton and wool fibers, you can immediately see its coarser structure, which can lead to skin irritation. That's why TENCEL® is especially recommended for people with sensitive skin. Bacteria on the surface of TENCEL® fiber do not have the slightest chance. The ideal control of the humidity of cellulose fiber prevents bacteria from multiplying, since the moisture that forms is immediately diverted into the fiber. Thus, a water film is not formed on the surface, which serves as a site for the formation of bacteria. Reproduction of bacteria is suppressed in a completely natural way - without any chemical additives. Tests confirm that the growth of bacteria is significantly slowed down. In contrast, on synthetic fibers, the number of bacteria increases to 2.000 times. (Laboratory investigations of bacterial growth on the surface of textiles: B. Redi, Innsbruck Medical University, Austria, 2004)

The online store HOMI is proud to present the exclusive brand HEFEL in Ukraine. We will help you in selecting the necessary sizes, individual preferences with great attention and trembling. We will provide full professional advice considering all your wishes.

Recommendations for care: - Wash at 40 ° C, air drying.


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