Article # 9 of the Law of Ukraine "On the Protection of Consumers' Rights"


This law provides for your right, as a consumer, to exchange non-food goods of the appropriate quality for a similar one, if the purchased goods did not fit in shape, size, shape, color, size or for other reasons can not  be used for its intended purpose.  Exchange is possible within 14 days, not counting the day of purchase, if a longer period is not declared by the seller.  The exchange of goods is carried out if it has not been used and if its presentation, consumer properties, seals, labels and settlement document issued by the seller together with the goods are preserved.  If at the time of the exchange of the desired product is not available, the consumer has the right to receive back his money.  Exchange and refund are made if it meets all the requirements of Art.  9 of the Law (the presentation is preserved, labels, seals, there is a settlement document, etc.)


Textiles can not be exchanged and returned.  


Please note that it is not possible to exchange (return) this way any goods.  The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved a list of goods of appropriate quality that can not be exchanged or returned (Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of March 19, 1994, No. 172).  

Such goods include:


Medicinal products.  

Objects of sanghygiene.  

Photographic films, photographic plates, photographic paper.  

Corset goods.  

Perfumes and cosmetics.  

Feather-down products.  

Children's toys are soft.  

Children's rubber inflatable toys.  



Shaving apparatus.  

Shaving brushes.  

Combs, combs and brushes are massage.  

Sirdines (for wind musical instruments).  

Violin chins.  



Tulgardine and lace canvases.  

Carpet products.  


Bed sheets.  


Goods in aerosol packaging.  

Printed editions.  

Linear and sheet metal pipes, tubular products, timber, molded (plinth, casing) board materials (wood fiber and chipboard, plywood) glass Audio, video cassettes discs for laser reading systems with recording.  

Products made from natural and artificial hair (wigs).  

Goods for newborns (diapers, nipples, bottles for feeding, etc.).  

Tools for manicure, pedicure (scissors, nail files, etc.).  

Jewelry from precious metals, precious stones, precious stones of organogenic formation and semiprecious stones.  


This list of products is exhaustive.  


Given the above, the goods presented in our store, exchange and refund are not subject to, according to Article 9 of the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Consumers' Rights".


Of course, there is an exception to the rules.


If there is a situation where you did not get the goods or you identified a factory marriage,  we always go to meet the client and try the best way to solve this issue in the form of an exchange of goods or a refund, but only if the presentation of the packaging is preserved.  

However, we ask you to note that this is a personal initiative of the store, since according to the memory, we have every right to refuse exchange or refund.