Homi - online store of elite textiles


The history of our store started with one small but very bold decision to offer consumers not goods of mass consumption, but rather high-quality and expensive textiles.  Market research has shown a glaring lack of such products in the Ukrainian market.  Armed with telephone, internet and long-term ties in the textile business, we began to look for ways to make it possible to realize our dream - the creation of the best warehouse of elite textiles in Ukraine.

By trial and error, in places - tears, scandals, and small victories, we nevertheless came  to the fact that we can offer you a wide range of elite home textiles in stock, and just a huge selection of the very best products that we will gladly bring you personally to order.  


Pros of shopping in our store


Having come a long way, we have developed a special strategy for working with clients and factories, as a result of which you can take advantage of all the work with us:


Individual approach to each client.  

Yes, we know that it's written in all stores, but for us it's not just words.  For us, the client is the king, god and hero in one person, so all attention and all our knowledge is at his service.  Believe me, if you came to us, then we will part best friends.  


Detailed history of each client.  

If you bought from us, then we have a "business" for you and if you call in the middle of the night and ask for "the same towels, but with pearl buttons" - no problem, we clearly know what kind of towels you had in mind,  and select the most suitable to them.  


We are always in the access zone.  

Viber, Skype, Messenger, SMS, phone or pigeon mail, we are always in touch and ready to advise 24/7.  Our good mood never fails, and by contacting us, you not only get a lot of useful information, but also charge positive for the whole day.  


Loyalty system.  

We do everything to make you satisfied, which is why we have a constant system of discounts for both new customers and our old friends.  


Direct work with manufacturers.  

Having passed more than one circle of hell, we nevertheless went directly to the factories, and we work without intermediaries.  This gives us the opportunity not only to offer the best prices, but also to fulfill almost any your whim.  The individual sizes and composition of the kits are only a minimum of service that we can offer you.  We already made round mattress covers, blankets of unimaginable sizes and sheets on a hexagonal bed, so any of your imagination for us is just a small challenge, for which we will happily take up.  


Free delivery throughout Ukraine.  

Not an amazing, but very nice bonus.  In Kiev, we have couriers who will deliver your order at any time convenient for you, on the territory of Ukraine, we send all by postal services.  


Brands that we proudly represent


As we said earlier, we carefully select all the goods that we offer to our customers, so in the list of manufacturers you will find only the best European brands:



Svad Dondi




Curt Bauer


Arte Pura



Siedenweber Collection


Leitner Leinen

Signoria Firenze

Oliveri Home





This list is far from complete, and certainly does not fit all our plans and dreams.  We are constantly expanding the range, offering only the best of the world of elite home textiles.  


Why do I need to register on the site?  


We are real fanatics in our work, therefore, without stopping for a minute, we are looking for new interesting and exclusive novelties.  All new items are immediately uploaded to the site, thus becoming a registered user of our site, you will always be aware of the news, and never miss the most favorable prices for the product you are interested in.  


How to buy from us elite textiles?  


It's very simple - you just need to use one of the ways:


   1. To place an order through the site's shopping cart, but then you will not get a huge pleasure from personal communication with our managers, and maybe you will never find out about a lot of goods that you just need for happiness.  


   2. Call 0970779797 and plunge headlong into the world of the best home textile, under the strict guidance of our best managers.  And then you just can not leave without buying.  


   3. Leave us a message on any convenient communication channel, and we will contact you in the shortest possible time and help with selection, we will coordinate all the details and accept the order.  


Delivery and payment


Terms of work we thought through to the smallest detail, and will do our best to make you satisfied with the level of service in our store.  More details about all the nuances of payment and delivery can be found here.  




As we offer only premium segment products, we are ready to give a head for cutting off for their quality.  Each of the presented brands has full certification, according to the European requirements for the quality and safety of textile products.  All the goods that you order from us are checked and rechecked before shipping.  In the case of some unthinkable force majeure, we are ready to fight with the manufacturer for every thread you do not like, but you will receive the goods of only the highest quality.  All that is required of you, in case of dissatisfaction with the goods, is to preserve its presentation, then we will do our best to make you satisfied.  More information about the terms of exchange and refund can be found here.