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Mattress Cotton Hefel Pure Cotton

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SKU: 2012U
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Size of mattress pad
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Brand Hefel
Size Euro
Kind of mattress pad With elastic bands in the corners
Type of mattress cover Natural fibers
Size of mattress pad 200х200см
Mattress filler Cotton
Material Satin
Mattress weight 1800 грамм
The density of the mattress pad 450 g/m2
Print Monochrome
Color White
Made in Austria
Packaging Branded
SKU 2012U

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Mattress Cotton Hefel Pure Cotton

100% Hefel Pure Cotton 100% natural cotton mattress cover ensures the highest hygiene of sleep and optimum protection of your mattress. It provides heat insulation, quickly evaporates moisture, maintaining the microclimate is always dry. Practical and easy to care for. It is possible to wash at a temperature of 95 ° C, suitable for drying machines. Thanks to its natural composition, the body will always remain in perfect comfort at any time of the year.

Filling: 100% cotton and filling and cover, convenient stitch throughout the product.

Version: In two versions, with elastic bands in the corners, with a high bead around the perimeter of elastic cotton-jersey fabric (suitable for a mattress height of 45cm)

Recommendations for care: -Washing at a temperature of up to 95 ° C is possible solely with liquid detergent gel for delicate washing; - Suitable for drying machines;


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