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Elite dressing gowns

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Elite dressing gowns from the best European manufacturers


Dressing gowns came to us from Asia, where they performed the function of outerwear, but thanks to a comfortable style that did not hamper the movement, it became popular all over Europe.  

Initially, the robe could afford only a representative of the upper class, since they were an unattainable luxury and emphasized the wealth and influence of the owner.  And bathrobes made of natural silk and were at all accessible only to kings and the closest courtiers.  

At present, a robe is a familiar accessory that guarantees maximum comfort and relaxation.  In fact, successful people value rare moments of rest above all else, which is why the exceptional quality of all objects surrounding them is important for them.  It is for people who are content with only the best, we offer a wide range of elite dressing gowns.  


The best natural materials for maximum comfort


For elite series of home clothes only natural materials are used, as only they are able to create perfectly comfortable conditions for rest.  


Egyptian cotton

is distinguished by long, strong and thin fibers, which form a magnificent lush and light fabric.  Terry dressing gowns from Egyptian cotton are famous all over the world for their warm and gentle touch and a sense of comfort, incomparable to anything.  

Natural silk

Fabric worthy of kings.  Due to its natural properties, silk is the most pleasant cloth for the human body, as it adapts perfectly to body temperature, first cooling slightly, and then enveloping it in a weightless touch.  Silk is distinguished by a magnificent glossy shine, combining luxury with innate elegance.  

Bamboo fiber

Used in the form of an additional or basic component for the production of terry dressing gowns.  To the touch, the bamboo bathrobes are smoother and silky, while they keep the heat well and absorb a huge amount of moisture.  


Which one to choose a bathrobe?  


Terry bathrobes are an ideal choice for a cold season, as volumetric loops perfectly retain heat, creating a kind of cocoon for the quietest rest.  If you prefer more elegant home clothes, then we can offer you gowns made from noble natural silk, luxurious jacquard or glossy satin.  Each of these fabrics has a number of advantages and gives, peculiar only to it, pleasant tactile sensations.  

Wafer bathrobes are an ideal choice for bath, sauna, pool or other SPA treatments.  They are made of natural cotton or bamboo, they are small in size folded, they perfectly pass the air and absorb moisture.  


The style of the perfect robe


Premium bathrobes should give maximum comfort, so manufacturers produce a wide variety of different styles so that everyone can choose the ideal model.  

Terry dressing gowns with hoods - a classic option, which is an obligatory attribute of pleasant bath procedures.  

Silk dressing gowns of kimono are elegant models for people who want to relax as much as possible and prefer weightless clothes that do not hamper movements.  

Satin dressing gowns under the belt - beautiful and functional.  

Velor robes with a zipper - the most practical option, for those who are used to comfort and do not like to lose a minute of precious time.  


Exquisite decor


Thoughtfully to the smallest detail, luxurious decorative elements - this is one of the key differences between elite dressing gowns.  To create each collection of exclusive home clothes, professional designers are involved, who create great products that combine convenience and style.  To give uniqueness to elite dressing gowns, the following ornaments are used:

Svarowski crystals are clean, beautifully cut stones that break out with a bright array of sparks, in case of sunlight.  By the purity and brilliance they are compared to diamonds, and not in vain.  

Lace handmade.  The design of each lace ribbon is painstakingly drawn by artists, and then is embodied in small manufactories by craftsmen.Manufactured strictly limited quantities of lace, which makes the products with them unique.  

Embroidery, which is also developed by designers, and implemented on a complex high-tech equipment, which guarantees the perfect quality of each stitch.  


Where to buy an elite dressing gown in Ukraine?  


The online store Homi offers the widest assortment of elite home clothes from the best European brands.  Working directly with the factories allows us to offer products at the most pleasant price for you, as well as the ability to order any home textiles according to your individual sizes.