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Hefel Taupe Elite Cashmere Plaid

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SKU: h601301801
€1 000
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Brand Hefel
Plaid size 130x180cm
Material Cashmere
Print Monochrome
Color Dark grey
Made in Austria
Вес пледа 480 grams
Packaging Branded
SKU h601301801

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Elite cashmere plaid Hefel

Cashmere rugs are a luxury and comfort at all times. Cashmere is the most expensive coat, much thinner than sheep, it refers to the most noble types of wool. For the Pure Cashmere collection, Ulrike Hefel uses the most expensive undercoat of Mongolian goats. From one goat per year receive about 100 g of down. To survive in the extreme conditions of their homeland with temperatures up to minus 45 ° C, these unusual animals "wear" woolen clothes, which protects from the cold, like no other. The combed wool of goats is selected, repeatedly combed, sorted and transformed into skilful hands in these luxurious products. Directly on the spot, in Mongolia, in the country of origin of the world's thinnest cashmere. Choice, environmentally friendly Mongolian cashmere wool has an invaluable beneficial effect on human health. People who have bone diseases, problems with sleeping plaid from natural cashmere will become an irreplaceable helper and healer. Plaids Hefel incredibly light and soft. Delicate to the body, its pile does not have any uncomfortable sensations.

Why is pure cashmere from Ulrike Hefel so luxurious?

The thickness of the cashmere fibers is only 16 microns, the length of our cashmere fibers reaches 45 mm (!) - a unique characteristic. In general, the rule applies: the longer and thinner the cashmere fiber, the more valuable it is. For the production of Hefel products only fibers of the same length are used. Only Mongolian cashmere guarantees 100% purity.


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