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Elite silk bed linen Seidenweber KORONA J5

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SKU: 738312
€1 880
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Brand Seidenweber
Size One and a half
The size of the duvet cover 140х220см
The size of the sheet 160х200см на резинке
Pillowcase size 50х70см (2шт)
Type of fabric Jacquard
Print Patterns
Color White
Made in Germany
Packaging Branded
SKU 738312

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Elite silk bed linen Seidenweber KORONA

Striking silk luxurious linens with the rarest details of weaving. Jacquard execution from natural first-class silk yarn is one of the most expensive weaving in the world. German brand Seidenweber is the best manufacturer of exquisite silk bed linen. An impeccable approach to every detail, exceptionally high-quality selected natural silk, bedding that delights with its first touch with its quality. Each coloring is a work of art, a huge embedded process of labor of each stitch. Natural silk of the highest quality is the rarest fabric in the world.

The Royal Seidenweber series - embodies sophisticated jacquard patterns, multifaceted shades, is one of the most expensive collections of exclusive linens made from natural silk.

Exclusive natural silk

Silk is one of the oldest textile fibers in the world, but even today silk bedding is highly valued, for its favorable unique qualities on the skin and hair of a person. Seidenweber campaign for more than 75 years produces silk bedding of the highest quality in the world. Silk bedding under this luxury brand fascinates connoisseurs around the world. Sleep on a silk bed is quite unusual. The body, as if filled with the necessary strength and energy, a rejuvenating effect occurs. Not casually, since ancient times kings, pharaohs preference gave exclusively to natural silk. Silk allows the skin to breathe and has a stimulating effect. Therefore, the silk cools in the summer and warms in the winter. Silk fabric is light, durable and very delicate. People who are sensitive to skin linen from natural silk is especially recommended. Seidenweber line of individual designer accessories made of silk. A unique production based on the oldest technologies, with the introduction of minor modern processes. Luxurious style without boundaries!

Variants execution: Clasp for individual requests (zipper, buttons)

Sheets: Solid silk in the color of the bed set.

Recommendations for care: - Recommended washing to 30 degrees, in a delicate mode; - ironed lightly with a warm iron; - drying in the drying machine is not recommended; - Recommended drying in the open air; - wash only with liquid detergent for delicate fabrics (silk, wool); Pre-turning the headset on the wrong side!

If you could not find the desired size, custom tailoring according to your sizes is possible. (For individual tailoring and advice, contact any of the specified phones with the store manager)


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