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Elite bed linens


Successful people appreciate moments of relaxation and are well aware of the benefits of a sound and healthy sleep, which is why they pay special attention to the choice of quality and luxurious bedding.  Since the Middle Ages, exquisite and luxurious bedding was the exclusive prerogative of the population.  The degree of sophistication and intricacy of the decor on pillowcases, sheets and bedspreads emphasized the wealth and status of the owner of the house.  In the modern world there are so many ways to touch luxury, but the simplest of them is to afford to buy an elite bed linen that will envelop you with tenderness and give an unforgettable feeling of truly royal sleep.  


A set of elite bed linen is a work of art in miniature.  


There are a number of features that distinguish the elite series of home textiles from consumer goods, these are:

the best natural materials

• the most exquisite and pleasant to touch fabrics

• original and unique design

• selected decorative elements.  


Natural materials and organically grown raw materials


For elite bedding, only natural cotton, bamboo, linen, silk or recycled wood pulp is used, since only natural materials have a sufficient degree of hygroscopicity and are breathable enough to guarantee maximum comfort during sleep.  Each of the materials passes several stages of selection and purification, and only the best raw materials come to the production process.  

Luxury fabrics Expensive linens wrap around you with a luxurious touch that only the best fabrics - mako-satin, jacquard, percale, silk, tensile, each of which has its own set of unique characteristics, can give.  

Satin and mako-satin are made from selected Egyptian cotton, the main feature of which is long fibers, allowing to achieve the maximum twisting of the thread.  The main difference between satin and a huge variety of cotton fabrics is the soft glossy gloss and silky smoothness of the front side of the fabric, which is achieved through a special method of weaving.  

jacquard - a fabric, the pattern on which is formed from the alternation of glossy and opaque areas of the fabric, this effect is achieved thanks to the tapestry method of weaving.  Jacquard linen is the leader among fabrics for high-end home textiles, as it especially successfully combines luxury and elegance.  

percale - especially thin cotton linen, the main secret of which is that the threads are not entangled, but processed with a special adhesive composition, this allows you to create the finest fabric, which, nevertheless, is very durable and one of the most wear-resistant.  Perkal is rightly called the royal canvas, for its weightlessness, tenderness and silky.  

natural silk - a fabric that has no analogues in its qualities.  It is so tender and pleasant that the secret of its manufacture has been kept secret for centuries.  For the body, the touch of silk can be compared with the touch of a light breeze, and the dream on it is especially calm, since silk takes its body temperature as quickly as possible, gives a mild coolness in the summer and keeps warm in winter.  

tensel (tenzel) - an innovative fabric based on lyocell fibers, which are made from processed wood from the Australian eucalyptus.  In the process of processing, wood pulp is subject to the action of a natural solvent, and then by separation it turns into long and thin threads, from which the finished tensile web is made.  This fabric has already won the trust and love of fans of a healthy lifestyle, since it is absolutely environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic and has a pronounced antibacterial effect.  


Uniqueness and style


Professional designers are involved in creating collections of elite bed linen, as a result of which each set has a unique appearance that combines a recognizable style with the most current tendencies in the fashion world.In other words, elite bed linens are kits, each of which became the embodiment of the artist's inspiration.  


Magnificent decor


When creating exclusive bed linens, selective decorative elements are used:

handmade lace - selective thinnest ribbons that are created on the best manufactories of Italy from cotton or silk yarn;  

exquisite embroidery - the design of which is worked out to the smallest detail, created manually or with the help of special high-tech equipment, which does not allow even the smallest flaws.  

Svarovski crystals - famous all over the world, the purest stones with unique cut, giving magnificent glare and immediately attracting attention.  Only Swarovski crystals have sufficient purity and durability to guarantee a magnificent look of home textiles, even with constant use.  

From all of the above, we can conclude that the elite bed linen - it's like an expensive car or a watch, a thing that emphasizes the status of the owner, once again confirms its impeccable taste.  This product is for people who do not compromise, but choose only the best.  


In the online store Homi you can buy exclusive bed linens from the best manufacturers in Europe without leaving your home, wherever you are in Kiev, Dnipro, Kharkov, Odessa or any other corner of Ukraine.  We guarantee the originality of the products presented by us, since we work directly with factories and offer only the best of the world of elite home textiles.  Only in our store you can get the most complete information about each product, and also order an individual size or complete set of any model you like.