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Elite bed linen - satin

Elite bed linen satin

 Satin is a fabric of increased density, which is made of cotton or silk.  It is characterized by a special kind of weaving, in which weft yarns predominate.  Has a smooth surface with a characteristic glossy overflow.


Select cotton

 For elite home textiles, satin made of special types of cotton is used:


Egyptian cotton - has especially long fibers, which allow you to create a thin and strong yarn.  A small amount of cotton cannon on the fiber resists the formation of pellets on the finished product and significantly extends its service life.

Egyptian cotton is a rare and rather expensive material, the share of production of which is only 4% of the total quantity of cotton, this affects its value.  In part, the processes for its cultivation, collection and sorting are done manually.

That is why bed linen from natural Egyptian cotton can not be cheap.  But also its beauty, smoothness and durability does not go, in any comparison with usual cotton linen.


Mercerized cotton - cotton fibers, succumbed to the process of mercerization.  This procedure includes several stages - processing of raw materials in a concentrated caustic soda solution, bleaching, washing with hot and cold water, firing strands.  As a result - the thread gets a new structure, similar to silk, which gives the finished fabric a special shine and smoothness.


Variety of satin


By types, ready satin can be divided into several groups:


Mako satin - a fabric made from 100% Egyptian cotton without any impurities.  Has a perfectly smooth and shiny surface, has no roughness or roughness.  The touch feels like dense silk.


Jacquard-satin.  Very beautiful fabric, created on special equipment by complex weaving.  As a result of the special arrangement of the threads, the glossy pattern appears on the matte background.  Most often, jacquard satin is monophonic, and the main emphasis is on the beauty of the fabric itself, but you can find a brighter performance.


Strip-satin - one of the types of jacquard, where instead of patterns, the surface of the cloth is made in the form of alternating glossy and matte strips.


Benefits of satin bedding


In addition to unconditional beauty and efficiency, satin has a lot of positive qualities, which brought him the love of customers around the world.


High density.

High quality raw materials, as well as complex weaving of the fabric, provides high density and strength of the fabric.  Satin rushes a little, does not deform, is practically not subject to shrinkage and is not whimsical in care.  Bed linen from it always looks impressive and neat.


Softness and lightness.

Natural cotton is one of the most comfortable materials for human skin.  Cotton satin, in addition to silkiness and smoothness, still has a pleasant softness.


High hygroscopicity.

Satin fabric perfectly absorbs and evaporates moisture, creating a comfortable microclimate for sleep.

Free air circulation.

Satin does not oppose the free penetration of air, as a result of which the skin breathes freely, and sleep becomes deep and calm.


The best manufacturers of exclusive satin bedding

 Blumarine is an Italian brand whose products will appeal to lovers of luxury bed linen with flowers.

 Curt Bauer - German bed linen, which is distinguished by elegant and elegant designs.  For their products use mako-satin of the highest class.

 Quagliotti is an Italian premium brand with a low-key design.

 Signoria Firenze - a series of home textiles from the famous Italian fashion house.  It combines classic motifs and modern fashion trends.

 Svad Dondi - bright and original bedding, fully created in Italy.

 Vera Italian Linens - elegant bed linen, decorated with traditional Tuscan embroidery, mainly the products are created under the individual order or serially, for elite boutiques.


Where to buy elite bed linen from satin in Ukraine?

 The online store Homi offers the largest selection of elite home textiles from the most exquisite fabrics.

 We work directly with manufacturers, which is why we can provide the service of sewing bed linen from satin by individual measurements and with a unique complete set.

 For ordering and detailed information you just need to contact us in any convenient way for you, and we will gladly help you.