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Elite decorative pillows

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Elite decorative cushions


Every detail is important for creating a unique image of the room, and it is from the pleasant look of the details that the cozy atmosphere of the house is formed.  Among the many decorative elements, a special place is occupied by pillows.  Choosing a beautiful decorative pillow you can transform a sofa, an armchair, a bed, even a window sill will look softer and more comfortable if you scatter small pads on it.  But if you attach great importance to small things, and are accustomed to surround yourself only with quality unique things, then it is for you that exclusive decorative pillows are created.  


The final touch in creating an exclusive interior


Having decided on the elite home textiles, it is worth sticking to the chosen course in everything.  Royal beds - royal decor!  That is why all major manufacturers of exclusive textiles necessarily produce a line of decorative pillowcases and pillows, worthy of comparison with works of art.  


Luxury fabrics


Despite the fact that the decorative pillow is generally a small product that has no particular practical value, only the best natural and artificial materials are also used for its production:



A luxurious fabric created by the tapestry weaving method, so the pattern represents  alternating matte and glossy sections of the canvas.  It looks great both in light and dark colors, surprisingly organically combines luxury and elegance.  It is pleasant to the touch, and has all the qualities of high-quality natural fabrics.  That's why it can not only admire, but if desired, a little nap.  



Thick fabric, which is made from high quality cotton.  Has a muffled glossy gloss and silky texture, perfectly combined with different decorative elements.  


Synthetic fabrics

Despite their chemical origin, they are absolutely safe for health.  Undoubted advantage is practically eternal service life and exceptional simplicity in care.  



A truly royal fabric that has insane beauty and a gentle touch.  Decorative pillow made of natural silk is guaranteed to become your favorite subject in the bedroom.  



An ecologically clean material that has a lot of useful properties and a peculiar smell.  The rough exterior texture can advantageously emphasize the refinement of the fabric from which the veil or other pillows are made.  


Natural and artificial fur

The material is peculiar and requires excellent taste, but it is invariably popular.  Soft and fluffy fur decorative pillows look great with almost any veils.  


Decorative elements of premium class


Elite decorative pillows are decorated with only the best fittings.  To create a unique appearance, the original Swarovski crystals are used in various sizes and shapes, handmade laces from small family manufactories, created according to individual sketches, tender skirts, silk embroidery.  

Each decorative element is thought through to the smallest detail, and is executed with impeccable quality.  


Wide dimensional mesh


Elite decorative cushions are produced not in one customary size 40 * 40 cm, but have an expanded dimensional mesh, so that you can create the perfect composition at the head of your bed.  You can choose between large pillows 60 * 60 cm of the usual square shape, and small curly cushions in the form of a heart, a flower or a small cushion. Continuation of the main collections of bed linen or bedspreads Buy an expensive decorative pillow can be either separately or finishing the image of an ideal bed.

Manufacturers offer a wide range of products that perfectly match the basic models of bedspreads or bed linens.  It is through additional pillowcases and pillows that you can create your own unique kit.  


Where to buy elite decorative pillows


Online shop Homi offers a wide assortment of elite home textiles from the best world brands.  

Wherever you are in Kiev, Lviv, Zaporozhye, Kharkov, the Dnieper or any other corner of Ukraine, you can transform the appearance of your house by unique and exclusive things by simply calling us or by placing an order through the basket.